“The first year can be tough.  Getting used to a new routine, finding your feet, and learning everyday are all part of growing up.  For us, in the shadows of the Big Apple, it has been a year spent navigating a new terrain, wide-eyed, looking up at what has been done before us and striving to make our own mark on the skyline.  It has also been a year of making lifelong friendships and a growing sense of purpose:  we are here to make great beer and we’re so happy you’ve come along for the ride.”

-Chelsea, on bottles of Concrete Jungle


Thank you all very much for your support over the last year and for your support and encouragement to survive our anniversary weekend.  We could have never envisioned being adopted so completely by our community–you keep us humble and we love you for it.

Unfortunately for us, you drank all the beer.  Literally.  All of it.  So after a weekend of beer release fun, we’re back at it replenishing your favorites and creating some new tasty things.  to use a phrase from our weekly Facebook posts:

“See you soon!”