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A Game

Let's Begin!

A Contemporary Interpretation of a Long-Lost Style

The labor of love is what attracted us to the brew life.  The arduous work never feels unappreciated when a gathering of friends and family is the reward.  Let’s Begin, our Gose made with malt reminiscent of graham crackers, salt, and Key lime is where we began; It’s the beer that reminds us that the glass is always half full when you have a good beer in your hand and good company surrounding you.

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BEER 101

Style: Gose Ale w/ Key Lime
ABV: 4.8%%
IBU: 13
Lab Notes: Slightly tart and slightly salty, with a refreshing citrus flavor of real key lime, this beer is the whole pie.

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Malts:  German Pilsner, Vienna, and Munich Malts

Hops:  German Magnum

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  • Oysters on the half shell
  • Fresh, soft cheeses such as Chèvre
  • Ceviche, while dreaming of days on the beach