The BrewerLean System

Our Open Source Brewery Management Software

What is BrewerLean?

BrewerLean is an open source commercial brewery production operations and tracking tool. As brewery owners, we are confronted with the reality that there is a lot of software ABOUT brewing but there’s not a lot of software FOR brewing. Existing commercial packages tend to focus primarily on regulatory compliance or business-focused issues and have an overly strict view of the brewing “process” as it is generically defined. This makes the software and features very valuable for management-level team members, but potentially bloated and confusing for the team members who are on the production floor. Those team members don’t care about the intricacies of “expressing” production orders or if a particular package’s workflow doesn’t entirely mesh with theirs reality. Those team members are also the keepers of the kingdon when it comes to accurate understanding of the state of a beer production facility at any point in time, so their point of view is critical.

How To Use BrewerLean

The BrewerLean software along with all current documentation is hosted on Github.  You can download everything here.

Please note that this is open source software written by a working production brewery.  So, you’ll need a bit of technical orientation if you want to get it up and running.  Documentation is available on the Github.  This also means you’re on your own when it comes to support.  The only means we have for support is through our Patreon, which you can sign up for here.

We thought a lot about how best to manage development since, while we have development skills and a consulting practice, we’re not a full-time software company.  The Patreon is the best way for us to corral and manage support requests. In the future we may have an advanced tier that includes and installation and management of that installation, but we’re trying to keep every easy for the moment.

Questions about BrewerLean or other Alementary Lean projects?

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