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Your Best Craft Beer Gifts for 2021

IMG 5363 1it is that time of year!  Lucky for you we have the best holiday gifts for the craft beer lover in your life… or for yourself!  After all, you deserve nice things, too :). As always, #1 on our list is the indomitable FIGGY PUDDING.  It starts as an English-style barleywine, to which we add heaps of dried Turkish figs, Turkish apricots, and Medjool dates.  But it doesn’t stop there:  this entire concoction then ends up in select Jamaican rum barrels until it is aged to perfection.  The result?  An elegant, complex, and layered behemoth of a beer that’s 10%ABV.  Figgy is absolutely perfect for sharing at holiday meals.  Available starting on Friday, November 19th, $20/750ml, while supplies last.  Figgy is made once a year and is very limited, so don’t miss out!

s275371117140554125 p209 i2 w2255As winter gets, um, winterier, a cozy hoodie is the ticket.  This year we doubled down on the comfy factor and went with a super-premium hoodie with a killer hockey-jersey style.  Navy and gray and branded front and back with the updated Alementary logos, our entire team is completely addicted to them.  They’re warm enough to keep you out of that heavy coat an extra day, but not too warm so you can still stay comfortable next to the fire.

s275371117140554125 p56 i3 w3024While that hoody is super excellent, some of us like a little extra warmth on the ol’ noggin.  For this, the signature Alementary beanie is where it’s at.  Custom-knitted, super durable, and unbelievably warm

s275371117140554125 p499 i1 w3635Got a friend who is into IPA’s?  Our new HOP BOX is where you need to be.  Two four-packs each of our best IPAs for the awesome price of $90.  Exact beers may change so that we can give you the freshest options.

s275371117140554125 p502 i1 w4032If hops aren’t your thing, opt for the MALT BOMB!  Two four-packs each of our best malt-focused beers for the even more awesome price of $85.  You’ll get a mix of light and dark, lagers and ales, but none of the overly hoppy stuff.  Our Brewmaster has declared this the top aprés ski case to keep around for after you spend a day bombing down a mountain–or if you’re simply into killer full-flavored beers and want to stay in.

IMG 8274But what if you know your friend likes craft beer but you’re not sure what?  Get them a gift card and let them drive the bus.  We have lovely physical gift cards you can pick up in the taproom, and we also have electronic gift cards you can buy from afar and email to your friends and family in our area.  Cards can be in any denomination and used for anything in our brewery.

With The Alementary you simply can’t go wrong with craft beer gifts.  We’ve got something for everyone… even wine drinkers love the hoodie :). We hope you have a wonderful and safe season, and we look forward to seeing you all soon!