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Welcome to the Order of the Atom: an exclusive organization, privy to few, and dedicated to the informed appreciation and enjoyment of craft beer. Membership is $150* for the year and is limited to only 75 slots. With your membership, you’ll find many great benefits:
*Plus online handling fees

  • Ability to reserve orders for all beer releases
  • 2 bottles each of two beers per year exclusively for members of the Order
  • Custom glassware for home and in the taproom
  • Tokens of membership including a card and pin that identifies your membership
  • Special edition Alementary staff shirt
  • Monthly private taproom events
  • 10% discount for all Alementary purchases all year
  • Access to the Proceedings of The Order, an exclusive news source for advanced information

When you see our coat of arms, you know we’ve got something planned especially for members of the Order. We value our members as persons of discerning taste regarding the technique, artistry, and overall quality of craft beer.

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General Info

When do membership signups begin?

Signups will be digitally handled through Eventbrite starting on March 15th and continue until the maximum of 75 members is reached. After that point you are able to sign up on the waitlist in case a member backs out.

How long does my membership last?

Membership to the Order of the Atom lasts from anniversary celebration weekend to the week prior to the following anniversary celebration weekend (roughly April 16th to April 16th, give or take a day or two). First membership benefits for the 2019 memberships will start on Thursday, April 11th, and include the rights to reserve bottles/cans of our anniversary beers. Non-renewed members will not have reservation privileges for anniversary beers.

When do I get to renew membership?

Current members will have first right of refusal to renew membership before slots are opened for the following year. You’ll be informed well in advance.

How do I receive my discount?

You don’t need to do anything more than wear your membership pin. Our staff will recognize you as a member and will apply the discount to your order. No words necessary. Pretty cool, right?

Does my discount extend to my guests?

Unless your guests are also members of the Order, they are not eligible for the discount. However your discount DOES extend to packaged product and apparel, so if you’re in the sharing mood, you can always share a pack or two with friends.

Do I need to bring my glass to the bar?

Nope, the glass you’ve received is yours to keep for home. When you arrive in the taproom, show the bar staff that you’re wearing your membership pin and they’ll serve you your beer in an Order member glass we keep behind the bar.

I left my pin at home/I lost my pin/Do I have to wear my pin? Pins are lame

First off, secret society pins are cool. But if you don’t have lapels…or thumbs, we understand! Your membership card can act as proof of membership in the event you aren’t wearing your pin. Also we can always look you up in case you left your card home too.

I lost my pin! It’s really cool. Can I get a replacement?

Replacement pins are available at a $10 replacement fee. Also you have good taste.  

You are not allowed to fake loose your pin to score extra ones for your friends.  If we find out this is happening we’ll cancel your membership and keep your money.

When do I get the special beers?

Beers released exclusively for members of The Order are not on a set release schedule.  Our brewhouse team has a number of special projects under way with more information to come later as they develop.

None of my questions have been answered yet!

That’s not a question, but if you have an inquiry that isn’t answered on this page, feel free to shoot a missive over to [email protected] and we’ll help you out.

Some Fine Print

How much can members reserve?

Members can reserve quantities up to the entire purchase limits announced for that release.

Can I buy extra shirts and pins and glasses?

You may purchase additional shirts and glassware at the time of signup, but not at any time after that.  Since the pins are limited edition and an indicator of membership, no extra pins may be purchased.

How long will you hold my reserved beer?

Reserved beer will be held for 30 days from the beer release date, so please plan accordingly to stop by to pick up your reservation.  Your discount will apply at the time you pick the beer up.

This isn't working out for me, can I get a refund?

All sales are final, so no refunds will be given for Order of the Atom memberships.