For Winter, We’re a bit Hot and Bothered in Hackensack!

Our Hot and Bothered series is back for the winter! If you don’t know what a Hot & Bothered is, it’s a toasty warm beverage that we came up with last winter to keep our patrons toasty as they were required to sit outside due to COVID restrictions. H&B’s are made in a large pot using recipes developed by our master bartenders.  Taking inspiration from seasonal flavors using various base beers, they layer and infuse herbs, spices, and fruits to create a completely unique beer experience. They are served in mugs to keep them warm and garnished with the appropriate trimmings! We decided that even though our guests can sit inside again, there was just something about a Hot and Bothered on a cold night that hit the spot so we had to bring them back.

Winter Apple Cinnamon H&B
Apple Cinnamon H&B

Cameron has created some delightful flavors like Apple Doughnut or Poached Pear made with our ESB, Doris and Peppermint Hot Chocolate made with our Oatmeal Stout, Low Earth Orbit.  We have a number of other flavors in store, so every time you pop by there’ll be something new to try!

So for the next eight weeks of winter we’re going to be all hot and bothered…. but of course we’ll still have our normal fantastic taplist of 8 beers, seltzer, and multiple bottle options (including the famous Laniakea).  Something for everyone, and delivered with that top-notch professional service you’ve come to expect.   For updates on the H&B series and what we’ve got coming up next, make sure to follow us on our Facebook or Instagram!