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SolarFlare3If you’ve been an Alementary fan for a while, you’ve no doubt realized that we don’t follow fads or come out with new beers on a whim.  We only like to do a thing when we’re convinced we can break some new trail, whether that be in process, ingredients, or concepts.  For you IPA drinkers out there, that means an all-new Alementary IPA is a truly rare thing!

All that having been said, we give you a new IPA straight out of the R&D playground that is our Studio58 brewhouse:  Solar Flare!  For this creation we made a mash-up of our two favorite IPA grists to make one heavily oated and heavily wheated grain bill.  Our preference is always for drinkability, so we kept the ABV at a modest 6.5%.  As for hops, earlier this summer we were introduced by some friends to the remarkable combination of Galaxy, Ella, and Enigma–so much so that we found a unique ratio that we think brings out the best in all three.  Totally dry hopping was 4lbs/bbl following our top secret protocol to create a fresh, lush, easy-drinking beer full of fruity dank flavors.  Bruised mango, papaya, orange, white flowers, low bitterness, and just a little dank on the finish.

“What a delightful little beer!  For me it is the perfect combination of full contemporary IPA flavors, but with an interesting hop twist.  The Enigma hops even layer a barely detectable raspberry note that’s surprising and fun.”  — Blake, Head of Operations

Since this is a Studio58 release that means it is a DRAFT EXCLUSIVE, so you’ll only find it at our taproom and at select draft partners around the state.  The only to-go option is Crowlers from the taproom. Please remember that crowlers are *not* cans, so if you take it home drink it fresh.  Luckily, knocking back 32oz of Solar Flare is anything but a chore.  Cheers!