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The Alementary Atom Logo

It’s time for a change!

Over the last five years here in Hackensack we’ve learned a lot about ourselves and our business.  Team members have come and gone, beers have come and gone, pandemics, government shutdowns, you name it, we’ve seen it.  As we’ve grown and evolved we decided it was time for a big change:  to switch up our look!


An exhaustive search turned up our new friends at Rapunzel Creative.  As luck would have it, it’s not that hard to get people to work with you when there’s beer involved, so they said ‘yes’ and got busy crafting the next generation Alementary brand.  We’re becoming bolder and more daring, but we’re still not jumping on fads.  We’re doubling down on quality.  We’re pushing hard on creativity.  We’re owning the geeky cool vibe you all love us for.  We’re expanding our distribution with new partners.  In short, we’re all-in on us… and piloting our brand alongside a creative firm that’s very quickly become a group of friends.

Before you ask, we’re not getting bangs or swapping wardrobes to skinny jeans and band tees (although a visit to our production brewery might have you thinking otherwise).  Our logo has been updated to fit our cool nerd vibe, and if you’ve been keeping an eye out on our social media or grabbed some cans you may have noticed that our labels are getting a facelift.  There’s a new and ever-evolving version of our website.  New, enhanced customer services are on the way.  This process has supercharged our creative energy and we’re very thankful for the opportunity to engage in this transformation.

New Craft Beer Can Designs

What’s this mean for the craft beer?

The beer is still the quality, reliable, delightful craft beer you’ve come to love.  We’re still helping you have a better day.  But with this newfound energy and some new members on the team, the Studio58 program is on fire.  Solar Flare (IPA) and Rock Opera (Italian Pilsner) are just the beginning.  More and more things will be coming from our test kitchen and we can’t wait for you to be part of it.

Haven’t been in the taproom for a while?  Swing by and enjoy the fall weather.  Try some of the new beers.  Chat with the staff, make new friends.  Let us know what you think.  We’re very excited to show off the next evolution of Hackensack’s original craft brewery.


Blake and Michael